Computer Problems Solved

We fix computer problems. This broad statement can mean things like setting up your new internet connection or removing a virus to recovering data from a crashed computer or setting your computer up to help you work from home. Computer support is, in essence, whatever you need done.

We specialise in servicing home computers for families and work from home professionals and we believe that tech support should be simple and painless because computer problems are a headache enough without having to schedule your life around getting them fixed.

To make your support call easier we can come out to your home or office or we can log in remotely to your computer. We can even provide tuition to help you prevent computer problems in the future. We also provide an after hours service for emergencies. There's more information on our flexible support options further down this page.

Some of the problems we fix include:

Virus, adware, spyware and malware removal. Set up home networks for wireless, shared internet and printers. Add internet security or check current security is working. Speed up a slow & aging computers. Internet connection problems. Freezing, crashing or rebooting computer. Computers that don't start up. Recover data from faulty equipment. Upgrade computers.

Make a Booking

We do our best to give a same-day response, fixing your problems as quickly as possible. We operate in Perth, Western Australia predominantly in the inner and western suburbs.

Call (08) 9389 1314 for a booking or to check service availability in your area.


Call Outs (8am-6pm Mon-Fri)
$90 for the first half hour
$40 for each subsequent half hour

Remote Support
$60 for the first half hour
$40 for each subsequent half hour

< 10 Minute Support
$60 for in person call-out
$40 for remote support

Flexible Support Options

Remote Support

If your internet connection is working you can let Jack take control of your keyboard and mouse and provide quick fixes without having to organise your day around a physical visit.

Call Out Support

Jack comes to your place and cures what ails your computer.

After Hours Support

For both the Call Out and Remote support services you don't have to give up a day at work or with the family just to get the computer fixed. We do charge a bit more for the convenience, but you'll get the problem solved when you need it solved.


Want to be able to do something with your computer but don't know how? Jack'll come around and show you how, and write up customised instructions to get what you need done.

About Tantryl Technology

Jack Donovan created Tantryl Technology in 2002.

In response to customer request, Tantryl Technology has developed to become a mobile only service. This just means when you need something done Jack comes to you to do it instead of you coming to us.

Mailing List

Every so often we'll e-mail our customers to let them know interesting and useful things about their computers and mention good specials either from us or from our competitors (if the deal's good enough).

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